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Thinking in Programming

Good morning, I'm very glad to stand here and give you a short speech.I shall be speaking about Thinking in Programming.

About myself. I have many tags, including coder,cyclist and cartoonist. My onw website get 300+ visitors per day on average.

I have taken several courses in Web, including courses HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I spent most of my time in JavaScript because it has a large amount of branches.

A year of programming experience has changed me a lot . For example,

  • When waiting for the elevator, I can't help thinking about the scheduling algorithm.
  • Before do something, I'll think about the solution first.
  • I become more patient and willing to do things.

Programmers are always like this. They like to stand behind and pay silently. They don't like to talk big and talk with strength. Today, we enjoy everything brought about by the Internet, which is the result of countless programmers' hard work.

For what to do in the future, I hope to become a professional programmer, do what I like to support myself, and have time to write some code to change the world.

Allow me to conclude by quoting a sentence I like very much

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.


My proudest work is a toolbox. Let me show you...Well, The camera doesn't seem very clear. It takes a lot of effort behind seemingly simple pages. ... For example, this a qrcode maker, I just type some text and then I can get a qrcode.

Sometimes I have difficulty choosing, so I make a random selector. I just need to input the items to be selected, and it will help me choose one randomly.

About COVID-19

The scale of the coronavirus crisis calls to mind 9/11 or the 2008 financial crisis—events that reshaped society in lasting ways, from how we travel and buy homes, to the level of security and surveillance we’re accustomed to, and even to the language we use.


I like HUAWEI'S ad most that background music is Dream It possible. It tells a moving fight story.

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